Mysterious Kyoto.
Shrines, Temples, and the Art of Archery
45 min.

WDR 2004, Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer
Digibeta, 16:9, Stereo, German version
Jürgen Dahlhoff
Gisela Koschytorz
Manfred Pütz

Kyudo - “the way of the bow” - is the Japanese art of archery. It is sport and meditation at the same time, practiced by men and women of all ages. It is not just a matter of physical strength - even children can learn Kyudo, as the film demonstrates in a highly impressive scene. Kyoto, the old imperial capital of Japan, is the film's setting, and its main character is the 21st imperial bowmaker, Kanjuro Shibata. His workshop has the patina of a century-old family business, his customers are connaisseurs of the finest craftsmanship.

The documentary presents the master at work, with his customers and among his family; it combines scenes from everyday life with extraordinary events. Two highlights of the film are the annual national Kyudo competition in the gardens of the imperial palace in Kyoto, and the 7-5-3 festival, a colorful Shinto ceremony.

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Further reading
Feliks F. Hoff:
Kyudo. Die Kunst des japanischen Bogenschießens
Verlag Weinmann 2002
ISBN 3-87892-036-9