Open Wound Palestine
60 min.

WDR 2004
Digibeta, 16:9, Stereo, German and English versions
Franz Wagenbach
Editor: Gisela Koschytorz
Location manager Damaskus:
Yahya Al-Madani
Beate Schlanstein

The documentary was shot in two Palestinian refugee camps near Damascus: rural Quabr Essit, and Yarmouk, the inofficial Palestinian capital in Syria.
The film focuses on the refugees' thoughts and feelings, on the injuries below the surface. Palestinians of different generations talk about what is most painful to them: the lack of national identity and a state of their own, the deprivation of all political rights, the absence of freedom of movement and self-determination.

The subject of this film is a human tragedy politically forced upon hundreds of thousands of expelled Palestinians in Syria and several million refugees all over the globe. It is a silent tragedy unnoticed by the public, far removed from the battlefields of Gaza, the West Bank or Israel.

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Golden Camera Award 2005

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