30 Years Dance Theatre of Harlem
15 min.

WDR 1999, Rückblende
Beta SP, 4:3, Mono, IT version English,
English with German voice-over
Carlos Aparicio
Anja Wetzel
Monika Hey

“Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake,” or “Sleeping Beauty” - for centuries, classical ballet was seen as the epitome of European stage art. Non-Europeans were simply denied the ability to perform classical dance, particularly if they were black.

Arthur Mitchell once and for all put an end to this misconception. He was the first black ballet star to gain a long-term contract with the New York City Ballet in 1957, and in 1969 he founded the world's first classical ballet company with black dancers only: the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Ever since then his company and school have raised excellent black ballet dancers - a milestone in the history of dance in the 20th century.

> Nominiert für den Dance Screen 1999
> Website Dance Theatre of Harlem
> Arthur Mitchell spricht als Zeitzeuge in
„Joséphine Baker. Schwarze Diva in einer weißen Welt“
>Dance Theatre of Harlem - South African Suite auf YouTube

Further reading
Richard A. Long:
Black Tradition in American Dance
Rizzoli International Publications, 1990
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