Horse Dancers on the Nile.
A Sheik, a Village, and its History
45 min.

WDR 1998 , Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer
Beta SP, 4:3, Mono, German version
Mohammed Abdallah
Karsten Hoffmann
Manfred Pütz

Every year about three thousand tourists travel to Egypt to marvel at art treasures and the Wonders of the World spanning five millenia. What they fail to learn about is the lives of Egyptians then and now.

The Bedouine village Oscor preserves ancient folklore traditions and brings them to life. Sheik Ramadan Swelim lives here, descendent of Bedouines and secular chief of his clan. He knows all the secrets of horse breeding and horse dancing, the religious wisdom of his ancestors. They say that Moses was born in Oscor, and that the Holy Family stayed here for a night. The sheik leaves his village only on very special occasions, such as his son's wedding, for which he picks the best horse dancers in Cairo.

> Artikel: „Das Herz vergessen lassen. Pferdetanz in Ägypten“, PDF

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